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Yes, it’s a bit unusual to try to rescue a 100-year old from aging, isn’t it? After all, most of these types of fundraisers are for children or adults fighting terminal diseases. And really, don’t you think she’s lived a full life and should be ready to step aside? Dessie says: “Absolutely not. I am going to live because I WANT to live.” And I have another argument for saving Dessie, in spite of, and even especially at her age. You see, Dessie is aware of the powerful… and even miraculous age-reversal technologies that are starting to emerge.

She doesn’t want to be part of the last generation to die from aging, especially when researchers say we have a chance to be part of the first generation to enjoy open-ended healthy longevity. Especially now that there is finally a treatment that might offer Dessie more healthy years.

How would you feel if you were in her shoes?

And if proven with Dessie… it could rescue you too… and those you love. Rejuvenating techniques are just now, starting to find their ways to early adopters. The most powerful and most promising of these is gene therapy. Gene therapy products, possibly with single lifetime injections, now have the potential to cure previously incurable diseases, including aging itself, and fundamentally alter the trajectory of many other tormenting illnesses.

But before we go any further, what is gene therapy?

Cells are the basic building blocks of all living things; the human body is composed of trillions of them. Within each of our cells are thousands of genes that provide the information to produce specific proteins and enzymes that make muscles, bones, and blood.These in turn support most of our body’s functions, such as digestion, making energy, and growing.

And yes, now de-aging.

Scientists have been working for decades on ways to modify genes or replace faulty genes with healthy ones to treat, cure or prevent a disease or medical condition. The first quarter of 2019 showed 372 gene therapy clinical trials were in progress.

The therapy planned for Dessie could rejuvenate her cells, restoring them to a more youthful level. The first patient to receive this therapy saw her immune system de-age by an astounding 33 years. In order to insert new genes directly into cells, scientists use a vehicle called a “vector” which is genetically engineered to deliver the gene.

Gene therapy offers patient better alternatives to regular daily maintenance. Patients suffering from life-threatening disease are often forced to endure swallowing pills or daily/weekly injections to treat and/or monitor their disease.

Gene therapy could ease the burden of enduring aging and disease by offering the promise of 1-2 treatment injections in a patient’s lifetime with no need for long-term follow-up. Our society tends to give up on the aged. In fact, it’s worse than that.

We more or less treat aging generations as disposable, when in fact, they are our most valuable assets. The older we get, the more knowledge, skills and wisdom we tend to accumulate. So, by rejuvenating them, they can continue contributing to society rather than suck our healthcare systems dry while suffering and lingering in nursing homes for years. What a positive and humanitarian way to solve our healthcare crisis! Imagine how much we can learn by treating 100-yer old Dessie! Also, she’s adorable. Don’t you think?

It’s expensive though. Several gene therapies that treat individual diseases can cost up to $2 million each – and even more from drug companies. But the one for aging is considerably less, since it is performed in offshore clinics as part of the medical tourism industry by an independent biotech company. Also, Maximum Life Foundation has gotten suppliers, providers and researchers to slash their costs even more… and even contribute their time to achieve this milestone of reversing aging in a 100-year old.

We can have her treated for $142,000. And what we learn from Dessie’s treatment could go a long way to driving costs down dramatically for you and your family… and will give us insights into how to improve the therapy.

The special experimental gene therapy we want administered to Dessie is already rejuvenating aging patients, none yet as old as Dessie.

In the event Dessie cannot be treated due to unforeseen circumstances, your tax-deductible donation will pay to treat another deserving candidate. In fact, sadly, after this plea was written, and before we raised enough money to help Dessie get her therapy, she suffered a severe physical setback. If she does not recover well enough to get her gene therapy, we have identified another well-deserving aged candidate.

This drives home the often-ignored reality that aging catches up to us all without intervention. Then it always ends badly. MaxLife exists to avoid these death sentences.

And if our funding goal is not met, proceeds will be designated to a human gene therapy Alzheimer’s Disease study. Scientific evidence points to the fact that a similar, but less expensive gene therapy may be effective in halting the progression of Alzheimer’s.

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Thank you and… More Life,
David Kekich
CEO, Maximum Life Foundation


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