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Longevity Goals

We’re saying “no” to aging, because for the first time in history, we are empowered. Now, instead of just having an exponential force working against us… we have exponential forces working FOR us. Technologies that are slowing aging… and that will reverse aging… are starting to overtake the forces of nature that age and kill…
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Telomere Therapy

Be among the first to learn about the best ways to be part of the "100 is the New 50 Movement." There are exciting developments in the world of telomerase activators coming down the pipeline. If you'd like to get information on the current best product or products, send a request to: Visit
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Beyond Science

Transcending aging is an uphill battle as it is, made even tougher when we have to fight the battle to capture the minds and the imagination of key movers, if not the public. The words we read and hear, the things we observe, are all neatly filed away in our subconscious and shape our personalities…
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Switching Your Mindset

It’s a sad fact that only about 5% of any given population rises to the top of the wellness meter. Surprisingly, the differences between this “elite” group and the other 95% boil down to unbelievably simple mundane habits. In fact, “habits” is the most appropriate term I can pick. The “lucky” 5% learned, either by…
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