We consider the revolutionary breakthrough products as the most powerful ever created – stronger than any other products on the market.

In fact, they are so sophisticated that no humans could develop them on their own. They were developed with the assistance of a $10 million artificial intelligence technology. So far, we were able to build four products:

TeloSC – a new industry leading telomere supplement which also activates your stem cells

* Designed to Boost Learning, Focus, Strength and Endurance
* For those Desiring to Have Younger Looking Skin
* Ingredients DOUBLED Simple Lab Animals Lifespan
* The Highest Possible Efficacy Yet Surprisingly Affordable.
* Comparable telomerase products cost up to $300/month
* Helps Support Healthy Cardiovascular Function
* Helps Support Immune System, Metabolic and Neural Health
* Helps Support Healthy Blood Pressure
* Helps Support Your Blood Glucose and Cholesterol Levels
* Harnesses the Power of Your Own Stem Cell Rejuvenation

Healthy telomere length is a key to healthy aging. A person is only as old or as young as his or her shortest telomere. Each of your chromosomes is end-capped with a telomere, a rod-like device that shortens every time your cells divide or when you experience stress from influenza, over-exercise, emotional turmoil, lack of sleep, alcohol, drugs or X-rays.

People who have longer telomeres are healthier, and people with shorter telomeres are more susceptible to infections and degenerative diseases… and they die younger. TeloSC is based on Nobel Prize winning work on the function of telomeres and telomerase (an enzyme that promotes telomere length).

Artificial Intelligence experiments testing various natural compounds and herbal extracts has demonstrated that telomeres can be re-grown to a healthier length by stimulating telomerase enzyme production.

And you’re only as young as your stem cells. They repair every organ in your body… and help improve or normalize everything from your skin and eyesight to immune systems, heart repair and Alzheimer’s. Think of them as mini-first aid kits for your damaged cells.

You’d only live a day or two without your stem cells. Telomeres and stem cells form the foundation of cellular health. You need to maintain BOTH, because as a result of declining stem cell activity with ill health and age, average telomere length normally decreases. After many generations, stem cells tend to become “senile.” In fact, as we age, stem cells weaken and dwindle by over 50%.

Dr. Allan C. Spradling of the Howard Hughes Medical Institute said: “no physician in the history of humanity has ever healed a patient. We would live one or two days without (adult) stem cells. It's essential to have these cells doing their thing.”

TeloSC Skin Cream – a novel skincare product based on the TeloSC nutritional supplement that has been proven to reverse skin aging in a human clinical study.

In human clinical trials of the base formula, even before adding new groundbreaking enhancements, subjects experienced the following:

* 100% of women saw increased levels of moisture in their skin
* 100% saw sun spots improve significantly
* Over 90% saw a decrease in the appearance of redness and pore size
* 75% experienced an improvement in skin tone and elasticity
* 75% felt roughness and fine lines faded noticeably

This Facelift in a Jar” just might be the biggest breakthrough in skin aging to date. Now everybody with a small budget can access this breakthrough product and achieve remarkable results.

InflaGene – A revolutionary inflammation supplement validated in a human study

* Say Goodbye to Discomfort
* Look and Feel Younger
* Better Mobility
* More Stamina… Now
* Reclaim Your Sex Drive
* Immune System Support

TIME Magazine calls IF "The Secret Killer," the link to HEART ATTACKS, CANCER, ALZHEIMER'S and other diseases. It's often the root of pain. It can wreck you… without your awareness. It ages you way too early. And studies show it's the single biggest predictor of early death. So what is this mysterious "IF?" It's Inflammation.

Chronic inflammation can be triggered by your genes, toxins, oxidative stress, processed foods, certain prescription drugs and many other insidious factors, including… just getting older. The medical community agrees that chronic inflammation is the root cause of most serious illnesses. It can last for years – without your knowledge. And it gets worse as you age, even if you're in the best of health.

Lowering it is one of the most effective overall wellness and anti-aging strategies on the planet.

So, how can you do that? Fortunately, you can now control much of it in a way that astonished human clinical study investigators who measured subjects' inflammatory blood markers, before and after taking InflaGene.

Here's a peek at our secret: Genes are instructions. They tell your body how to make the proteins it needs to survive and grow. But your genes can often make you sick and increase your chances of having common illnesses, like heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Many contribute to inflammation.

Enter Artificial Intelligence… or AI… a tool that out-thinks us in many ways. It does MANY years of research, practically overnight. The impossible became possible.

Our AI breakthrough helped us finally understand how to make your genes work for you instead of against you. It discovered networks of natural nutrients that dampen inflammation-causing genes and De-Age your body.

Many call this the biggest breakthrough in this industry in over 50 years. AI gave birth to InflaGene, the revolutionary nutritional supplement that helps regulate inflammation.

Don't forget… According to the medical community, Yale University, and leading microbiologists – regulating chronic inflammation lies at the very heart of one of the most powerful anti-aging solutions now available.

CogniGene – A breakthrough brain product also validated in a human study

* Sharper Memory
* Clearer Thinking
* Quicker Reaction Time
* Faster Processing Speed
* Razor Sharp Focus and Attention
* Surprisingly Affordable
* All Natural Non-GMO Ingredients

Imagine never having to suffer embarrassing "senior moments" again.

Finally, a new tested and validated nutritional supplement overseen by an anti-aging clinic is about to change the brain and the nature of memory.

Wouldn't it be great to never misplace your glasses again… and say goodbye to frustration over memory lapses?

That's now possible, thanks to the breakthrough solution, CogniGene. It slows your brain aging to a crawl… and even rejuvenates it at any age. CogniGene keeps your brain alert by awakening multiple brain-boosting genetic pathways.

This breakthrough cognition elevating formula propels you ahead of people decades younger on thinking and memory skills. So you no longer need to be embarrassed by forgetting names, faces, places, facts and birthdays.

The herbs used in CogniGene have been known and used individually by humans for their enhancing effects on cognition for a thousand years. But it took 21st century technology to put them all together to amplify their effects synergistically.

A clinical study of this synergy, conclusively found that they improve three types of memory, as well as enhancing nine other cognitive abilities including reaction time, executive function, psychomotor speed, complex attention, processing speed and simple attention.

So the benefits of addressing the single biggest genetic link to aging-related mental slow-downs should be clear: It can help keep your mind sharp and lucid… as well as help avoid dependence on others.

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