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Unexpected Way to Snuff Inflammation

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I’ve been making the case… (it seems like forever) that chronic inflammation can be massively disruptive leading to all kinds of disease states and discomfort.

I’ve also been forcefully encouraging you to proactively protect your telomere length. Let me share a key takeaway from a recent study from the University of California:


Short telomeres are inflammation catalysts – internal SWAT teams triggering inflammation and its associated problems. Therefore… it only makes sense that maintaining the length of your telomeres is a critical step in your overall inflammation defense strategy!


Some more science:  Compounds know as Cytokines, in addition to initiating chronic inflammation, also impede a critical enzyme, named telomerase.

This enzyme is critical because it is responsible for rebuilding your telomeres. You can see the makings of a vicious downward spiral here – chronic inflammation, in addition to its already established negative effects, ALSO shortens your telomeres by blocking the access of the precious telomere-supporting enzyme, telomerase… all leading to a deeper and accelerated spiral of MORE chronic inflammation and DECLINE!


To stop the spiral, you must support your Telomeres.


In addition to the internal support of tissue and organs, there are also demonstrable external benefits associated with the support of your genetic integrity through longer telomeres:

  • A reduction in age spots and fine lines
  • A reduced rate of aging for hair, skin and nails
  • Lower probability of diabetes – the telomeres of diabetics and pre-diabetic are shorter
  • Increased likelihood of losing unwanted pounds and maintaining your target weight – as people gained weight, the length of telomeres was found to be shorter
  • Lower probability of osteoporosis - short telomeres are correlated with aging bone and the loss of bone mineral density
  • Lower probability of chronic headaches - short telomeres are also associated with migraines in women

Clearly, there are many reasons to act! One simple step is to consider TeloSC, a proprietary nutraceutical formulated by Age Reversal Inc., designed to support your TELOMERE functions.

It is blended and priced to be as accessibleefficient and affordable as possible and is essentially risk free with our money back guarantee.

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More Life,

David Kekich