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Longevity for Healthy Life Extension

Longevity Research Evolution of Extreme Longevity posted on February 3, 2008 Last week I stressed how and why it is more important to preserve your health now than ever before. The great news is you may have a good chance for an open-ended youthful life span. The sad truth is some of us will die…
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Help Stop Aging by Repairing Mitochondria

Help Stop Aging Repairing Mitochondria to Help Stop Aging posted on July 2, 2007 66 year old Dr. Stephen Coles, co-founder and president of Gerontological Research Group has apparently discovered the Fountain of Youth. Last Saturday, Dr. Coles married a beautiful 26 year. Congratulations to Steve and Natalie. I will make sure we all…
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Healthy Longevity the Core Human Ideal

Healthy Longevity Core Human Ideal posted on July 9, 2007 To seek to provide the choice of healthy longevity for all who want it is an aspect of the better side of human nature: "Helping to make life longer and better, one action at a time, is a core human ideal. There are no…
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Healthy Longevity Research, A Deliberately Provocative Question

Healthy Longevity Research A Deliberately Provocative Question posted on July 23, 2007 If you knew technologies over the next few decades could deliver to you a chance for an open-ended youthful lifespan, how much would you donate to the research? Say you want to live a much longer, healthier life. Would you help to achieve…
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