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Longevity News Alert delivers all the weeks life-extending news, including any and all research breakthroughs in an easy to digest summary format. Some news will benefit people suffering from specific diseases or conditions.

23 MarSpeediest Ways to Start Reversing Your Aging NOW

Dear Future Centenarian, Until recently, it had not been possible to outline a scientifically supportable approach to reverse biological aging in a meaningful manner However, over the past 6 years, a number of regenerative technologies have been demonstrated in animal models, and some have been

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15 MarHow to Not Just Live Longer… But Live HAPPIER too

Dear Future Centenarian, Do you sometimes or often… Hold grudges Feel sorry for yourself Feel jealousy Hate Dwell on problems Ask: “Why me” Envy others Pursue happiness through accumulating “things” such as money, cars, bigger houses, and any other possessions you have

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09 Mar2 Simple Steps to Healthy Longevity

Dear Future Centenarian, Joe Polish sent the following message to his clients… and it confirms what I have been preaching for over a decade His timing could not have been more spot on (More about that in a moment) Joe is also a life extensionist and his organization stresses the

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01 MarDo You Control Aging.. Or Does Aging Control You?

Dear Future Centenarian, Nearly everyone on this planet spends their lives fretting or burning lots and lots of time, emotion and energy on external events over which they have ZERO control So, these events control them There are hundreds of examples, so let’s just visit a few of the

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