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Success Boosting Seminar

Dear Future Centenarian,

Joe Sugarman is a very good friend of mine¦ as well as a partner and Maximum Life Foundation Board member. Joe walks the talk when it comes to wellness and longevity habits.

He is holding a seminar on October 25th and 26th in Las Vegas.

If marketing and/or copywriting play a role in your success, Joe can boost your business. He is a legend in direct response marketing. In fact, he™s the genius behind BluBlocker sunglasses, the innovator behind using 800#s in advertising and has received more honors and accolades in his field than anyone I know.  

This event is called the Success Magnet Seminar, and it features Joe as well some of the top marketing names in the business. It is his first seminar in over 20 years and one you don™t want to miss if you sell anything.

I™ve seen the magic Joe can weave when he writes copy, and I™ve also seen those who follow his very easy to understand advice go on to build very successful business. Don™t miss this one if it™s in your area of interest.

Go to for more details.

More Life,
David Kekich


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