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Ray Kurzweil Article

posted on May 28, 2007

Did you happen to read the Ray Kurzweil article in the May issue of Fortune Magazine? If not, it™s 8 pages of inspirational reading.

Go to:

Ray is one of the world™s leading visionaries. Through his discovery of the Law of Accelerating Returns (LAR) and all the media coverage he gets, Ray may trigger the tipping point that launches the idea of extreme longevity from a fringe idea to a universally accepted one. Once that happens, the investment floodgates should burst open, and naturally terminated lifespans as we know them will become history.

The LAR is controversial and hotly debated in some circles. But in my mind at least, it is logical and crystal clearly illustrates what the future holds for us. In fact, I base almost all my arguments for extreme longevity in our lifetimes on the LAR.

I mentioned it before, but it bears repeating. It™s too important an idea to gloss over. In a nutshell, here it is:

The Law of Accelerating Returns
After years of study and thousands of calculations, Ray developed the LAR. Many believe the effects of his law will change your life in more ways than any other single idea in the world.
He observed that the rate of change itself is accelerating. This means the past is not a reliable guide to the future any more. The 20th century was not 100 years of progress at today™s rate, but rather was equivalent to about 20 years, because we™ve been speeding up to current rates of change. And, we™ll make another 20 years of progress at the year 2000 rate, equivalent to that of the entire 20th century, by 2014. Then we™ll do it again by 2021¦ and so on.
Because of this exponential growth, the 21st century is projected to achieve 20,000 years of progress at the rate of progress we saw in 2000. That™s 1,000 times greater than what we witnessed in the entire 20th century, which in itself was a mind-boggling century of growth.
Exponential growth can be very seductive. You barely notice it at first. But before you know it, it virtually explodes.
For example, let™s say you start with one grain of sand and double it every day. After 5 days, you™d have 32. Hardly noticeable. In 5 more days, you™d have 1024. Well that™s more, but not even a teaspoon full. In 10 more days, you™d have over a million. 10 days after that you have 1.1 billion. And the next day, 2.2 billion. Five days later, you™re up to your neck in 53 billion grains of sand. The 1st 5 days took you to 32. Now, in one day, you™re choking on 53 billion extra grains.  The next day on an additional 106 billion.
This is EXACTLY what™s happening today with knowledge and technology. You hardly notice the growth at first. Just like with cancer research so far. Then suddenly it seems to explode. This is why life extending technologies and cancer and heart disease technologies, which seemed to be advancing agonizingly slow, are about to go into hyperdrive. And that™s why taking steps to extend your life now are going to be infinitely more important to you than they™ve been in the past. Before some of us know it, extreme longevity will be upon us.
Others will miss the boat
Ray alone can™t save you or your loved ones. Neither can Aubrey de Gray, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology or Maximum Life Foundation. You alone can maximize your chances. Some of the things you can do today can give you an extra 5-10 or more years of healthy life. They may seem boring, not worth the effort or even too simplistic. These simple steps better position you to be here when the pending explosion of knowledge delivers humanity amazing life extending capabilities. Go to and download SALADSâ„¢. You™ll have in your hot little hands a treasure of information that can help you bridge the gap between now and tomorrow™s life saving technologies.
You can do more. No man is an island. Achieving extreme healthy lifespans is going to be a team effort. The more you contribute, the better your chance. At a minimum, I encourage you to help spread the meme. Forward this newsletter to your associates who may have an interest.

You might consider lending some of your time and talents to some of the companies pursuing health and life extending pursuits as well as to Methuselah Foundation and Maximum Life Foundation. Every bit helps. Finally, consider investing in some of the companies devoted to your health and longevity¦ as well as donating to Methuselah or MaxLife.

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