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Milken Global Conference

posted on May 10, 2007

I attended the Milken Global Conference this week (That™s why I™m late with this newsletter). Over 3000 people attended including the world™s leading decision makers. It featured such luminaries as Sumner Redstone, Rupert Murdoch, Steve Wynn, Bill Frisk, Steve Forbes, Ted Turner, Boone Pickens, Arnold Schwartenegger, Roger Ailes, Andre Agassi, Michael J. Fox, Sally Ride, William Bennett, John Kerry, Lowell Milken, Sydney Pollack, 7 Nobel Laureates and of course Michael Milken.

The presenters and panelists examined our most entrenched and challenging issues, from reducing our dependence on oil to ensuring that people everywhere have access to a good education, quality health care and well-paying jobs. Interestingly, the conference was peppered with references to and comments on life extension. Life extension was even listed as one of the primary human accomplishments on a short list starting with harnessing fire and inventing the wheel. There was even one reference to œovercoming death. This was astounding to me, since this was a cutting edge group in many ways, yet very much mainstream at the highest levels of business, journalism, economics, politics, health care and education.

(Oops. Fast forward 13 days. I had a system crash on April 27th, and just got my computer back today. That™s why you haven™t heard from me for a while.)

OK. Here we are, 2 weeks after the conference. Since then, I attended a memorial service of a very close friend. Everyone there was saddened by his death. He was one of the most creative and intelligent people I ever know. And his life came to an abrupt end long before his time. I spent a good part of my time wondering how much the world will unknowingly suffer from missing out on the wisdom he will no longer pass on. Gary was a consummate teacher. Maximum Life Foundation is all about putting an end to these tragic wastes of humanity.

Now back to my original thought before longevity news summaries, this time dealing heavily on cancer.

You cannot believe how encouraged I am to see the longevity meme spread to the upper echelons of business, science, journalism and politics. We don™t look so radical any more. All it will take is one major proof of concept, a killer app, to open the financial floodgates of research and development money. We™re working on some of those now and hope to demonstrate some dramatic things in the near future.

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