Dear Future Centenarian,

On March 31st I had major surgery on my spine. Since April 1, I have endured sweating 24/7, shaking, alternating chills and hot spells which have settled into a round the clock hot spell. Leading up to this were 5 trips to the ER, another surgery, 2 hospital stays… and for the past 10 days even worsening daily side effects.

I never guessed it could get worse, but every day is a steeper downhill slide into what is turning into an indescribable condition that I can’t imagine surviving. Fortunately, there are 2 possible treatment strategies that could gradually lead to improved side effects… and eventually lead to a return to normalcy if I can hang in there long enough.

And the accompanying sauna feels like 40 miles of bad road with all the trembling.

What does this have to do with aging?

It could lead to a cure, where we have not yet been able to completely reverse the aging process. We will though if you follow the advice in my 7 e-books featured on Amazon. As a subscriber, you can get them for FREE with a simple request.

Also, the last years in life are usually spent in pure misery.

Re my treatments, the first assumes an infection even though I never had a fever. Initially, the docs thought it was in my bones, so I had a PICC Line installed which require me to give myself 3 almost 2-hour injections spaced 8-hours apart. If you do the math, you’ll see I don’t get much sleep… if I could sleep in the first place.

And more disturbing is no one has been able to identify an infection yet in spite of increasing monitoring and dosages. But I have to continue with it in the event it helps.

Meanwhile, Prof. Joe Carrington thinks the sudden side effects point to an upset adrenal gland system triggered by the surgery or due to general anesthesia. Problem here though is designing hit or miss treatment protocols that may give relief, but possibly take weeks or months to show benefits.


So hopefully, I’ll be able to get some relief from increased monitored dosages of the antibiotic injections which are scheduled for 3.5 more weeks.

This means it is almost impossible to get any work done. So, at least, for the time-being, newsletters may be less frequent and I do not have the bandwidth to edit weekly news reports.

More Life,
David Kekich