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posted on March 21, 2008

I had the pleasure of speaking at a large health conference a week ago. I covered extreme life extending technologies and also reviewed some of the steps the attendees could take now to increase their chances of staying alive and healthy until future advances will give them extreme life extension possibilities.

During my presentation, I discussed my life extension handbook, S.A.L.A.D.S “ Six Steps to Tomorrow™s Life Extending Technologies. SALADS stands for Supplementation, Activity (exercise), Life style, Anti-aging medicine (Get a good physician who specializes in anti-aging medicine), Diet and Stress reduction.

I covered the six steps but spent more time on an important 7th step that I am adding to the book. That step is Attitude.

Now the first thing that pops into your mind is probably a positive mental attitude helps promote your health and well being. Well you™re right. There are many thousands of reports about how positive attitudes helped patients rid themselves of all sorts of diseases, including cancer. And most of us are familiar with the œplacebo effect. During double blind studies, patients are often randomly selected to get a drug or a sugar pill for the term of the study. The purpose is to determine which group, if any, responds positively. If the patients getting the drug show improvement, then that could be strong evidence that the drug works.

However, the groups getting the placebo often improve as well. That™s because they don™t know they are getting a sugar pill. They may think, or hope, they are getting some new miracle drug that is going to cure them. So, many of them improve simply because of their attitude.

It doesn™t always take just a positive mental state to improve your attitude though. Your attitude can also be affected by what you eat. Good healthy food can give you a strong attitude, which in turn can help heal you. Conversely, unhealthy food (what most of us eat) can often affect your attitude in a negative way and contribute to your sickness. These attitudinal effects are in addition to the beneficial or detrimental effects the foods have on your body.

The same is true for drugs, supplements and supplemental hormones.

I will tell you two personal stories in next week™s issue about these. Meanwhile, you now have another reason to eat healthy. And remember, you get what you expect, not what you want. So fill your life with positive expectations.


Some thoughts on the term "anti-aging":

"You need a bigger foghorn to compete with the folk presently engaged in efforts to define 'anti-aging,' either implicitly or explicitly. The term has solidly come to mean Revlon, skin cream, potions and the art of patching over the cracks so as to look younger, while doing absolutely nothing about the damage of aging. The forgery of the mirror and makeup, the magic show in which we expect to be entertained while understanding that none of it is real.

"The millions of devoted purchasers of useless 'anti-aging' products translates into very, very few people who understand and give support to serious attempts to repair the damage of aging through modern science.

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