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Extreme Life Extension

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œIsn't it against God's will to tamper with nature?

posted on April 14, 2008

Last week, I covered the œoverpopulation myth as a common objection to extreme life extension. This week, let™s discuss another frequent objection¦

What about antibiotics, organ transplants, laser surgery and all the other "miracles" we take for granted today? We heard these same arguments against such advances as anesthesiology for childbirth. To be human is to struggle against nature. Nature created the plague, polio, smallpox, cancer and more, but we don™t see anyone suggesting we ignore these life shorteners.

If we were to follow nature's will, you probably wouldn't be here.  Would God give us the ability to make life healthier and longer without wanting us to use it? Wouldn't God want to give us all the opportunity to choose life? Why would God create man with a mind able to enjoy and accomplish so much and then frustrate him with a life span that allows him to experience so little? Wouldn't it be a sin to suppress life-giving technologies? 

Finally, aging is not universal. A number of complex species such as lobsters, rockfishes, some tortoises and some plants do not appear to age. So aging is not a prerequisite to life and is not necessarily natural in all cases.

I believe death is NOT the natural order of things. For conscious intelligent beings, overcoming death is.

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