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Living Longer

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Brendon Burchard Transformation Truth

Either you™re doing work you truly enjoy or you aren™t.

posted on February 25, 2008

Several weeks ago, I started my issue with some words of wisdom from Brendon Burchard. Here™s another one of his œ8 Transformation Truths and how it could apply to your Extreme Life Extension.

Either you™re doing work you truly enjoy or you aren™t.

I include this, because I still hear objections to living longer that go something like œYes, but wouldn™t life be boring if we lived forever? or œWhere would we put all the people?

Brendon says œMost of us know that our life™s purpose is more than just a paycheck, and that a life of meaning is not limited to a life of means. Yet many of us suffer the self-imposed misery of doing unfulfilling work simply to make ends meet. Is what you are doing something that you whole-heartedly enjoy? Do you get happily lost in your work on a regular basis and feel like you™re truly growing, contributing, and making a difference? If you cannot answer with a resounding ˜Yes!™ to these questions, then you already know it™s time for a change. It™s time to face that and take action.

If your life is fulfilling, why would you want it to end? The objections I stated above would mostly disappear if everyone had something passionate they cared about and worked toward. They would wake up with a song in their hearts and wouldn™t be able to wait to wrap their arms around their day. Their biggest problems might be that days are not long enough, and life is too short.

Nothing stands still. We either grow or regress. If you™re in a constant state of growth and pursuing something that excites you, would you ever want your journey to end?

So why are most people dispassionate? That™s for people like Brendon to figure out and solve. In fact, he makes a very good living doing just that. For your purpose, ask yourself if you are maxing out your potential and pursuing your passion. In fact, take some quiet moments to make sure you have identified your passion. Many of us get so wrapped up in day-to-day activities that we don™t even identify, let alone focus on our purpose. When you do, I believe you will move heaven and earth to achieve extreme longevity.

Brendon is young “ very young! Yet he has insights that many don™t even come close to in entire lifetimes. He™s a perfect example of someone with a reason and a will to live.

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