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posted on May 14, 2007

American Heritage Dictionary defines œmeme as a unit of cultural information, such as a cultural practice or idea, that is transmitted verbally or by repeated action from one mind to another.

We help spread the longevity meme through this newsletter, a synopsis of Reason™s œLongevity Meme Newsletter. See for full texts.



There is nothing wrong with becoming old. There is everything wrong with becoming frail and sick. The future I'd like to see is one in which "old"  is all upside - experience and wisdom without decrepitude and death. The forthcoming "Ending Aging" is a book that explains the best course we can presently chart to that end:

"Aimed squarely at folk who want to know more about the science of repairing the molecular damage that causes aging, but find navigating the wild waterways of scientific publications too intimidating or time-consuming, this is a step by step, detailed explanation of how we could achieve radical life extension within our lifetimes, as best we understand from our present knowledge of our biochemistry.

If you're used to the 'eat this, take supplements and exercise' longevity bookshelf, Ending Aging is a big step up - very much more 'research this science to develop this specific therapy based upon that sound basis established over the past two decades.' You'll be seeing more of that in the years ahead, and this exactly where your attention should be focused if you care about your own longevity."

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