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Age Related Diseases, Fat to Inflammation Related Disease

Age Related Diseases

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Fat to Inflammation Related Disease

posted on July 30, 2007

Scientists continue to fill in the gaps remaining in understanding how fat leads to inflammation, which in turn accelerates many of the most common age-related conditions. Being overweight appears to shorten the range on your healthy life span by increasing the rate at which biochemical and cellular damage accumulates:

"In recent years, the immune system has also been implicated in type 2 diabetes - in particular imbalances in cytokines, an immune system component that causes inflammation.  Macrophages appear in high concentrations in fatty tissue. With funding from the National Institutes of Health, Nadler has traced the mechanism by which the presence of large numbers of fat cells stimulate the macrophages to activate the 12/15-LO gene, and has documented the cascade of inflammatory reactions that results. He has found that the 12/15-LO gene produces two proteins that convert fatty acids into cytokines."

A chain of consequences: more body fat means more macrophages in fatty tissue, which means more cytokines, which means more inflammation. More inflammation brings much greater risk of Alzheimer's, diabetes, heart disease and other more general forms of age-related degeneration. You can use Inflammex, a natural anti inflammatory, to reduce inflammation. Since that risk is based upon the greater accumulation of age-related changes in your biochemistry - damage, in other words.

While science will advance to wondrous new heights in the decades to come, it only makes sense to play the odds, take care of the health basics, and increase your chances of living healthily into the era of rejuvenation medicine. We're not there yet, the longevity research community to rival the cancer establishment has yet to be built, and we're all still aging - but most of us are lucky enough to have some modest choice as to how fast degeneration takes us,

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