Dear Future Centenarian,

We have known for a long time how important eating habits and exercise are to wellness and longevity.


It took an evolutionary biologist’s 30 year research project to discover just HOW important… and more importantly… the most impactful TYPE of diet and exercise.

Dr. Michael Rose, at the University of California at Irvine, selectively bred fruit flies for longevity for over 30 years. Today, his animals live an astounding FOUR times longer than their not-so-lucky cohorts. They act young all that time too. He then determined the genetic differences between his flies and their mere mortal cousins.

Surprisingly, Dr. Rose’s animals’ longevity genes are about 90% common to humans’. While analyzing those genes, he had a “eureka experience.” In a flash, he hypothesized how to mimic the evolutionary basis for human longevity through diet and exercise. He discovered what evolution teaches us about how to age without aging.

It boils down to two simple habits.

Mother Nature is not our friend much longer after reproduction age. We’re dispensable with few built-in mechanisms to counteract aging-related diseases. Worse, modern diets and lack of, or wrong types of exercise, accelerate our decline and encourage heart disease, cancer and more.

Factoring in chronic stress, no wonder the average person dies at least ten years prematurely… and suffers and declines unnecessarily our last 7-8 years.

So what’s the simple key to keeping vibrant about 17 years longer than your neighbours?

Just this: According to Dr. Rose, all you need is getting back to basics. Live eat and exercise as closely as you can to the way your ancestors did.

And I don’t mean your great grandparents. We’re talking Stone Age. Long before the agriculture age – starting 10,000 years ago. Ironically, farming and commercial food production which made it possible for civilization to flourish, led to most of the diseases we suffer from today.

Why? Because foods that dominate farming, notably grains, dairy and legumes, were not part of our ancestors’ regular diets.

So we are not genetically adapted to them yet. It takes much longer than the 5-10,000 years from the time humans started eating them, for us to genetically adapt. So our bodies start to rebel after age 40 or so, age prematurely, and start developing killer diseases.

Following may be the most life-enhancing tips you have ever gotten:

Eliminate, or cut way back, all grains, dairy and legumes from your diet if you are over 40, and especially if you are over 50. Eat a wide variety of fresh veggies, fruits and nuts and some free-range animal products if you wish.

I know what you’re thinking. “That would be too much of a sacrifice, and it would deprive you of a big chunk of life’s pleasures. That’s what I thought too, until I found how easy it is to find amazingly tasty substitutes. I’ve been on this path for almost five years now and have NEVER felt better.

Exercise like a caveman. They walked a lot, jogged some, sprinted and carried stuff… and got plenty of sleep. Their stress was the kind that promotes growth, not the chronic stress modern civilization heaps upon us. Exercise with interval training, and relax proactively.

Mimic your ancestors’ lifestyle to live, and live well, way beyond average lifespans.

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More Life,
David Kekich

P.S. Watch this TED talk if you want to see just how powerful this strategy can be.

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