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Fine Line between Wellness and Death

Longevity News Digest Fine Line between Wellness and Death Dear Future Centenarian,  There™s an extremely narrow margin between almost everything good and bad in life. Ultimately, it shrinks to a black and white difference. The grey area (not in a hair sense) starts disappearing with age. The good news is, you control that margin. In…
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How to Avoid Aging

Longevity News Digest [spacer] How to Avoid Aging Dear Future Centenarian, If you're like me, you hate the toll aging takes on you. I hate not seeing and hearing as well as I used to. I hate the fact that aging erodes our immune systems. It slows our brains down, weakens us and shortens our…
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The ONLY Technology that Can Rescue You?

Longevity News Digest [spacer]The ONLY Technology that Can Rescue You? Dear Future Centenarian, First, a story: Did you know the electric defibrillator was invented in 1788? But the public viewed bringing people back from the dead as macabre¦ only to be reinforced in 1818 with Shelly's publication of Frankenstein. It got worse. Thomas Edison launched…
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What Would You Guess Your Life is Worth?

Longevity News Digest Discovery Illuminates Your Path to Healthiest Longevity Dear Future Centenarian, We have known for a long time how important eating habits and exercise are to wellness and longevity. But¦ It took an evolutionary biologist™s 30 year research project to discover just HOW important¦ and more importantly¦ the most impactful TYPE of diet…
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