Dear Future Centenarian,

Did you know the youngest Baby Boomers turned 50 on December 31st?

What does that mean for them? Simply this:

Their rate of aging, physical decline, their chances of ending up with an aging-related disease, and their chances of dying from any natural cause… increases exponentially with each passing year!

Sounds grim, huh? Well it is. We’re generally near the top of our games at 50, and then over 99.9% of the population never reaches 100.


What did our ancestors do about it?

Nothing. They were helpless. That’s what sucks about aging. And that’s what still captures most of our attention, especially when we get up in years.

But what are others doing about it?

We’re saying “no” to aging, because for the first time in history, we are empowered.

Now, instead of just having an exponential force working against us… we have exponential forces working FOR us.

Technologies that are slowing aging… and that will reverse aging… are starting to overtake the forces of nature that age and kill us. Each year brings more and faster progress. So, while risks increase with age, so does progress. It won’t be long before that progress overtakes aging-related risks… and we reach a Longevity Escape Velocity where we’re able to add more than a year to nearly everyone’s expected life span with each calendar year.

Then, instead of closing in on the end, your actuarially calculated day of reckoning will move farther away from you with each passing year.

See what aging authority and my friend, Dr. Michael Fossel, has to say about the future of aging:

And here’s what a physicist says about it:

Each year brings more breakthroughs and more prominent people agreeing with and supporting radical life extension.

As always, do everything in your power to extend your healthy lifespan with what you know how to do. If you need help, go to Amazon and get a copy of Smart, Strong and Sexy at 100.

Now is the most costly time to roll the dice with your health.

More Life,
David Kekich


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