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Monthly Archives: October 2019

Here’s the Value of Your Life

Dear Future Centenarian, What are you worth? No, I don’t mean how much money do you have, or what your entire estate is worth. I mean, what are YOU worth? Most of us get so caught up in business, family, day-to-day living that we never consider the monetary value of our lives. That’s right. Monetary…
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When Will Aging be Cured?

Dear Future Centenarian, Due to unforeseen circumstances, I missed this year’s RAADfest. But I’m watching the videos now… and they are fabulous! If you attended, you saw how you could get around $10,000 worth of life extending products and services just about FREE. Bill Faloon at Life Extension made this possible. But more importantly, you…
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Unexpected Way to Snuff Inflammation

Dear , I’ve been making the case… (it seems like forever) that chronic inflammation can be massively disruptive leading to all kinds of disease states and discomfort. I’ve also been forcefully encouraging you to proactively protect your telomere length. Let me share a key takeaway from a recent study from the University of California: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Short telomeres…
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A Shortcut to Longevity

Dear Future Centenarian, Here's a sizzling tip that helped me leapfrog my way up the extreme longevity ladder: Don't start reading your next diet or exercise book… ... until you've put at least one thing into action from the last book. Don’t attend or watch another wellness conference or seminar… … until you’ve put at least one thing into action from the last one. Idea junkies seldom…
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