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Monthly Archives: January 2015

Bad Aging News…Good Aging News

Dear Future Centenarian, Did you know the youngest Baby Boomers turned 50 on December 31st? What does that mean for them? Simply this: Their rate of aging, physical decline, their chances of ending up with an aging-related disease, and their chances of dying from any natural cause… increases exponentially with each passing year! Sounds grim,…
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Discovery Illuminates Your Path to Healthiest Longevity

Dear Future Centenarian, We have known for a long time how important eating habits and exercise are to wellness and longevity. But… It took an evolutionary biologist’s 30 year research project to discover just HOW important… and more importantly… the most impactful TYPE of diet and exercise. Dr. Michael Rose, at the University of California…
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Live Forever… Extend Life Well Beyond 120

Dear Future Centenarian, 15-20 years ago, I felt like a lone wolf crying the age-reversal story in the wilderness. Look how much and how quickly things have changed. Last week, I read a very good longevity article from The Guardian a little over a week ago. Then a few days ago, Johnny Adams, a good…
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What is Aging? Most Scientists Still Get it Wrong

Longevity News Digest What is Aging? Most Scientists Still Get it Wrong Dear Future Centenarian, Dr. Josh Mitteldorf is an astrophysicist who has devoted a major part of his life studying aging and what to do about it. He writes extensively for h+ Magazine, and this article is so good that I wanted to share…
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