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The Monkey Longevity Lesson

Longevity News Digest The Monkey Longevity Lesson Dear Future Centenarian,  I™m often asked¦ œWhat is your #1 longevity (or wellness) tip? My answer™s simple, and it™s always the same: œDiet. I usually add¦ œExercise is a close second." To ignore either will shorten and diminish the quality of your life. But what does œdiet mean…
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Are You Overlooking this CRITICAL Longevity Step?

Longevity News Digest Are You Overlooking this CRITICAL Longevity Step? Dear Future Centenarian,  It™s so simple. It™s so cheap. It can even be free. But it™s deficiency is making millions sick¦ and dead. In fact, some governments actually warn against it. I™m talking about one of the more studied and validated¦ yet one of the…
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What Would You Guess Your Life is Worth?

Longevity News Digest How to Keep œStuff from Aging You  Dear Future Centenarian,  Did you ever start a day where everything was carefully planned? Where you had each hour allocated to get everything done that needed to get done¦ only to see it all unravel in no time with your first unexpected interruption? What? You…
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