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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Survival and Longevity

Longevity News Digest Survival and Longevity: Why Bother? Dear Future Centenarian,  Reason, at, wrote a commentary that I want to share with you. Very insightful food for thought¦ and amazing information. I wish everyone in the world could read this. Here it is: Live or die: why does it matter to you? Why strive,…
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Extreame Longevity Goes MAinstream

Longevity News Digest Extreme Longevity Goes Mainstream Dear Future Centenarian,  In case you  missed it, CNN™s œInside Man documentary series ran a segment Sunday evening titled œThe Future. And the œfuture topic for this show was nothing less than extreme life extension. You might know of host Morgan Spurlock. He shot to fame by gorging…
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35 Dynamic Years :)… then 35 in a Char :(

Longevity News Digest Nobel Prize Winning Stem Cell Breakthrough? Dear Future Centenarian,  I had dinner with Dr. Steve Coles just before this article was written. He told me all about it¦ finally. As it turns out, he was working on this project for years. You know the character of a person when they keep fascinating…
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