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Why Accept Aging as a Fact of Life?

Longevity News Digest Happy New Year! (2 Year-Ending Gifts) Dear Future Centenarian,  Here™s to an amazing 2015! Look how we™re wrapping up the year. This breakthrough could lead to major life enhancing and life extending therapies sooner than we thought. And I also just found out I™m a recording artist. For your listening pleasure,…
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What Would You Guess Your Life is Worth?

Longevity News Digest 3-D Printing and the Future of Medicine Dear Future Centenarian,  People often ask me why I™m so confident we™ll be able to reverse aging in our lifetime. Let me use 3-D printing as an example. It was less than ten years ago when the first bioprinting application was made. And only a…
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Critics of Extreme Longevity Fear Life

Longevity News Digest Your Blood¦ or Your Life Dear Future Centenarian, Would you trade your life for a small vial of your blood? Millions of uninformed people unwittingly do just that. Imagine a pair of identical twins. Twin A is 79 years old. Active, energetic, lean. His biological tests predict he will stay vibrant for…
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Good and Bad Medical News

Longevity News Digest Good and Bad Medical News Dear Future Centenarian,  I met Peter Diamandis around ten years ago. You may know him as the X-Prize founder, the $10 million prize awarded for the first successful private space launch. He™s doing so much more now, and is instrumental in advances in health and longevity initiatives.…
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