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Yearly Archives: 2013

Researchers Discover What Happens When We Die

Healthy Life Extension Researchers Discover What Happens When We Die Dear Future Centenarian, This article from offers a ray of hope that I haven™t seen before. The hope being¦ they say this discovery could actually lead to reversing death. Here™s a reprint: œOne of the great mysteries of life is ˜what happens after we…
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Your Heroes Can Sink You

Healthy Life Extension Your Heroes Can Sink You Dear Future Centenarian, When I was a teenager, I was awed by adults who attained some form of recognition through achievement, or by those who appeared to have achieved through title or self-promotion. It took me a long time as an adult to get over being excessively…
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Will Google Restore Your Youth?

Healthy Life Extension Will Google Restore Your Youth? Dear Future Centenarian, In case you haven™t heard the news by now: 1)  TIME - Article on Google initiative: 2)  TIME  Aubrey de Grey article: Last Wednesday, Larry Page announced a new Google venture called Calico. It aims to conquer aging as well as aging-related diseases.…
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Success Boosting Seminar

Healthy Life Extension Success Boosting Seminar Dear Future Centenarian, Joe Sugarman is a very good friend of mine¦ as well as a partner and Maximum Life Foundation Board member. Joe walks the talk when it comes to wellness and longevity habits. He is holding a seminar on October 25th and 26th in Las Vegas. If…
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