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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Will Humans Become Extinct?

Healthy Life Extension Will Humans Become Extinct? Dear Future Centenarian, Will we be the next endangered species? Yes and No. Every time a radical new idea or trend emerges, naysayers spring from the woodwork, wringing their hands over all the dangers these changes will carry with them, and try to rally the masses to stand…
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My Friends Break My Heart

Healthy Life Extension My Friends Break My Heart Dear Future Centenarian, Did you ever try to give someone advice that you thought was sound, only to have your friends continue their old bad habits? When I see someone I love self-destruct, I™m quick to suggest ways for them to alter their course. I™m no better…
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How Anyone Can End a World in an Instant

Healthy Life Extension How Anyone Can End a World in an Instant Dear Future Centenarian, I recently watched a World War II documentary. There was lots of graphic footage, including film of victims being executed by single shots to the head¦ thus instantly ending their worlds. Imagine, a whole lifetime of experiences, education, wisdom, relationships…
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Your Attitude Can Kill or Cure You

Healthy Life Extension Your Attitude Can Kill or Cure You Dear Future Centenarian, I have an amazing friend named John Carlton. If you think this week™s essay is too long and not my words, blame John and his brilliance¦ not me. His message is just too strong and too important to not reprint part of…
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