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35 Dynamic Years :)… then 35 in a Char :(

Healthy Life Extension 35 Dynamic Years :)... then 35 in a Chair :(   Dear Future Centenarian, Almost exactly half my lifetime ago, I got paralyzed from a freak spinal cord injury. I can't believe it's been 35 years since my last run. I miss lots of other things that I can't do any more…
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Will You Get Dementia

Healthy Life Extension Will You Get Dementia? Dear Future Centenarian, Conventional wisdom dictates that if you live to age 85, you™ll have a 50% chance of having Alzheimer™s by then. And I believed that until now. You™ve probably see articles and reports from time-to-time that project high medical costs to take care of the increasing…
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How Hope Can Preserve Your Life

Healthy Life Extension How Hope Can Preserve Your Life Dear Future Centenarian, While I was in the rehab center learning how to manage pain and adjust to life in a wheelchair, I spent a good part of my days searching for a cure that the docs insisted does not exist. Had I listened to the…
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Science and Marketing Equal Super Longevity Cities

Healthy Life Extension Science + Marketing = Super Longevity Dear Future Centenarian, My good friend, Maximum Life Foundation™s CSO and one of the more important personalities in the life extension movement, puts his finger on the pulse of extreme longevity research. Dr. Stephen Coles continues to contribute in a big way to your and my…
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