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Monthly Archives: June 2013

Is Your Brain “You?”

Healthy Life Extension Is Your Brain "You?"   Dear Future Centenarian, I recently had dinner with some close friends who live overseas. One couple live in Europe and the other in Asia. It was a year since the first couple were here and probably over two for the second. Our discussions were lively to say…
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What Will Humanity (You) Look Like in 2045?

Healthy Life Extension What Will Humanity (You) Look Like in 2045?   Dear Future Centenarian, The big longevity news over the past several weeks is “ this weekend's Global Future 2045 Conference in NYC. There's been tons of publicity, even in mainstream media. This is surprising on one hand, since the 2045 initiative…
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Are Transhumans Among Us?

Healthy Life Extension Are Transhumans Among Us?   Dear Future Centenarian, You've seen this term bandied about, but do you know what it means? Some are scared by it, visualizing all kinds of freakish Frankensteinian beings. Most people think transhumans are far off in the future. Before we go on, let's define transhumanism. First, let's…
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