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Progress, Hope and Human Longevity

Healthy Life Extension Progress, Hope and Human Longevity   Dear Future Centenarian, Shortly after college, I had a rather crude roommate. He once said œWish in one hand and s”t in the other, and see which one gets full first. So it is with aging. Since the beginning of history, and most likely before, aging…
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How Much Does Aging Cost You?

Healthy Life Extension How Much Does Aging Cost You?   Dear Future Centenarian, We get hammered with two costs of aging. One is acutely felt. The other not so. The most painful is the direct drain on our pocketbooks when we or a family member loses earning power “ or incurs sudden and often stratospheric…
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My Milestone Birthday

Healthy Life Extension My Milestone Birthday   Dear Future Centenarian, It's today! And the only thing that doesn't suck about it is, I'm alive and well. How I envy they young! At least their prospects for long futures. Fifty was no big deal. It came and went without a second thought except for an insert…
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