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March 2013

01 MarWhat Will Humans Look Like in 2033?

Healthy Life Extension What Will Humans Look Like in 2033 Dear Future Centenarian, We won™t look much different than we do now, but we may SEE much better Not only that, but we should look, perform and feel much better too I invite you to check

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01 MarNew Website Expands Happiness and Longevity Mastery

Healthy Life Extension New Website Expands Happiness and Longevity Mastery Dear Future Centenarian, Twenty years ago, I thought my time would be best spent on œtechnologies that will deliver radical life extension breakthroughs to the exclusion of

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01 MarTelomerase History and Tips

Healthy Life Extension Telomerase History and Tips Dear Future Centenarian, Researchers studied the connection between telomeres, telomerase, and cellular and organismal aging, but the public had little awareness until the early 1990s That™s when Dr

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01 Mar“Older and Uglier”? or Not?

Healthy Life Extension œOlder and Uglier¦ or Not Dear Future Centenarian, A close friend has a very funny line when people ask him how he is He fires back, œolder and uglier However, he™s neither old nor ugly But he will be if nothing changes

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