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Monthly Archives: December 2009

Life Extension Hero

Increase your Longevity A New Hero Has Emerged posted on December 01, 2009 About a month ago, I met one of the most incredible persons of my life. He is only thirty years old and posses the wisdom of a street smart intellectual twice his age. He™s in top physical condition, has accumulated a small…
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Reverse Aging by 2029 – On Pace for Future Longevity.

Reverse Aging On Track to Reverse Aging by 2029 posted on December 15, 2009 I just got back from the A4M Anti-Aging Conference in Las Vegas. This is a continuing education conference for anti-aging physicians. They also have an exhibit hall where I helped man the Stem Cell Products booth. Attendance was down this year,…
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Live Long, and Get Rich – On Pace for Future Longevity.

Live Longer Live Long, and Get Rich posted on December 22, 2009 The Manhattan Beach Project is continuing to see positive publicity. Here is a new article by Ron Bailey which appeared in the Silicon Valley publication, Metro Active: The media is much more eager to embrace ambitious projects like ours that it was…
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