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May 2009

01 MayEnd of Aging, Aging Research

The End of Aging Stem Cells and the End of Aging posted on May 5, 2009 You are invited to the Party of the Century! It™s a œCome as You Will Be Party In 2068, I will be 125 years old Who, where and what will you be in 2068 If you want to take a peek

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01 MayResisting the Aging Process

Aging Research Resisting the Aging Process posted on May 12, 2009 Resisting the Aging Process Could Make You Age Faster¦ and How to Keep That from Happening Resistance makes you suffer, and it ages you Let me explain Some things are simply out of your

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01 MayDouble Edged Longevity Sword, Aging Research

Longevity Research Technology is a Double-Edged Longevity Sword posted on May 19, 2009 Last Saturday I had a speaking engagement in Newport Beach, Calif Before going on stage, I had a discussion about obesity and health in general I had many similar conversations,

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01 MayStar Trek a True Perspective, Aging Research

Longevity Research Does Star Trek Give You a True Perspective posted on May 26, 2009 Interesting week last week On Tuesday, I saw Star Trek at an IMAX theatre Saturday evening, I celebrated my 125th birthday at my œCome as You Will Be party There were some

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