Research to Cure Aging and Aging-Related Diseases in Our Lifetime

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You are put here to relish life. Its excitement. Its miracles. Its rewards. MaxLife is here to help you realize those treasures NOW. Maximum Life Foundation funds technologies that that save lives and that will help you live longer and better than ever. We help people in need get access to these cutting-edge technologies that will significantly extend human health span in the next decade. Some solutions that can prevent and reverse the major conditions and diseases that strike us as we age may be available TODAY. Get involved now and live your legacy.

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"We want to thank the Rama and Shashi Marda foundation for its substantial contribution for our 501c3 activities."

-David Kekich President/CEO

Strategies to Extend Your Healthspan

Amazing tips & tricks to improve your health & increase longevity starting today.
What You Can Do Now What You Can Do Now

Live Long Enough to Live Forever…

Healthy Habits Healthy Habits

Mother Nature…

Beyond Science Psychological Deathtraps

Transcending aging…

Get the latest info on longevity, aging, telomerase, scientific breakthroughs, publications, events, and much more!

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Maximu Life Foundation is not only extremely informative, but it all makes so much common sense. Just about everything in…

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I highly recommend David’s book Life Extension Express if you’re interested in getting started in extending your life. It’s very easy…

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