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Funding Aging Research

Maximize investment returns… while Minimizing risk and Maximize health and longevity… in Minimum time. How to Profit from the Coming Revolution in Anti-Aging Science... Even If You Do Not Invest

“Why not get involved in an emerging trillion dollar industry... while developing technologies that are designed to extend healthy lifespans by 25 years or more?””

My name is David Kekich. I founded and managed the biggest marketing arm of a Fortune 500 life insurance company – until an unfortunate accident changed the direction of my life thirty two years ago. (It could also impact your life in a very positive way.)

then, I have devoted myself to a single passion:

I have invested the remainder of my time – to say nothing of considerable financial resources to advancing life extension technologies. In other words, I understand the anti-aging industry.
Over the past nine years, I helped build a world-class, star-studded scientific team.

As you will see in the following pages, there is a compelling case to be made for the potential rewards for individuals who embrace an appropriate and sound approach to this emerging growth market.

The Next Big Investment Sector
Can Make Early Participants Very Wealthy

All it takes is one glance at the chart below to see where the biggest money will be made in the health care field in the years just ahead. It’s going to be in treating and preventing diseases and conditions related to AGING.

U.S. Population Aged 80+

It is still some time before Wall Street will put the full force and power of their resources behind solutions to the aging problem.

But now, a world-class investment management team headed by the former CEO of Citicorp’s pioneer venture group (he built it into a $50 million fund that earned over $7 billion) has set its sights on the opportunity.

And the opportunity for you – reading this Special Report today – is twofold, because:

1) You can be part of an elite inner circle who are on the cutting edge of information and treatment as research postpones the debilitating effects of aging by years or even decades; and

2) You can participate financially with a group of unusually dedicated and extraordinarily credentialed investment professionals as they pursue maximum returns in this exploding field of research and development.

The “prize” is a longer and healthier life, coupled with what could become the most important and exponentially lucrative investment you’ve ever made.

Aging: An Impossible Problem…. Or the Ultimate Opportunity?

We all consider “aging” to be life’s ultimate reality. On our birthdays, our friends often joke with us that “it’s better than the alternative!”
That’s because, all our lives (and all throughout human history up to this point), there has been no alternative to aging and the symptoms and diseases of aging.
But you and I are fortunate to be living at the precise moment in history when mankind is experiencing a veritable explosion of science and technology.
Our entire world is changing virtually every day due to exciting, breakthrough innovations in every industry – from telecommunications to travel… from computers to cars… from farming to pharmaceuticals… and everything in between.
But nothing is more exciting, in my view, than the technological advances that have already been made (and continue to be made nearly every day) in the rapidly growing science of anti-aging.
What Does Anti-Aging Really Mean?
First of all, don’t let the term “anti-aging” (as it’s used and abused today) fool you.
The science-based anti-aging industry emerging today is qualitatively different. It targets products that will substantially extend lifespan… as well as make that lifespan healthier – even for those with all the right lifestyle habits including eating right and exercising regulary with these Muscle Building Workouts.
Today anti-aging is already a multi-billion dollar business – even though most of the products have little or no basis in medical science. Many promoters mislead, exaggerate and make false claims to sell to a market eager to hang on to their youth.
The anti-aging we’re talking about isn’t about “snake oil;” it’s about the emerging (and serious) field of life-extension medicine.
 Anti-aging science is quickly coming of age and being taken very seriously by esteemed universities, respected research institutions, and giant pharmaceutical companies.
Breakthroughs in Life Extension Are Already Here
In fact, some new inventions and innovations in anti-aging medicine have already proven themselves behind the closed doors of our nation’s top research and testing agencies. They’re already here. They just haven’t been released yet to the general public.
Thankfully, however, many of these breakthroughs don’t take as much time as do other health care innovations, such as new drugs.
And because of the rapidly approaching urgency and the looming, overwhelming demand for anti-aging innovations, we’re soon going to see wave after wave of anti-aging products getting introduced to a TRILLION-DOLLAR world market of people who are literally dying to hold onto their health, youth, beauty and vitality.
It’s what we all want, actually. And now, thanks to the unique research and marketing strategy we’ve developed here at Maximum Life Foundation, you can learn about the development and distribution of the very innovations that will one day – very soon – benefit you directly and help you lead a longer, healthier, wealthier and happier life. SAP Training - Training and certification in over 30 different SAP career paths.

This white paper will take you on a journey into the exciting world of anti-aging science – and show you the virtually unlimited opportunities that await savvy people like you who get on board the train to the future… and do it now.

Welcome aboard.
                                                   David A. Kekich
                                                            President, Maximum Life Foundation
                                                            January 2010

One final note before we begin:  I want you to know that nearly all of my personal financial return from my activities goes to The Maximum Life Foundation.  In other words, I’m in this for the money – but not the way you think.


Special Report on Life Extension Technology
                                                By David A. Kekich


AGING: A Growing Problem
Becomes an Enormous Opportunity

It’s happening all over the world…

    • A little known company in California has developed a way to blast cancer cells – without months of agonizing chemotherapy or radiation. Their solution may represent a multi-billion dollar opportunity.
    • Another team of scientists discovered a skin-aging gene. In the intermediate term, this breakthrough could lead to a cure for wrinkles, aging and sun damaged skin… and even baldness. In the longer term, it could reverse many other aging related conditions.
    • A New England company is quietly laying the groundwork that could add up to 20 healthy years to our lives.

Imagine the potential profit – if you participated in even one of these!
And our research is uncovering dozens of similar opportunities. 
It’s no accident venture capitalists and major medical companies are investing billions of dollars annually in research leading toward the treatment and cure of “incurable” diseases. Why? They readily recognize the upside to such investment.
Today, the biggest returns – both to investors and to individuals who want to live longer, healthier, and therefore more productive lives – will come in the field of anti-aging medicine.
And here’s why:
Back in the year 2000, the number of Americans (for example) aged 65 or older reached an estimated 35 million and accounted for almost 13 percent of the total U.S. population.
The rapidly aging U.S. population is very significant – especially when you consider the number of older Americans has increased more than ten-fold since the turn of the last century. This trend is mirrored in other developed countries. 
And, it’s projected to accelerate even faster over the next 30 years.
This is both a problem and an opportunity.
It’s a problem because the diseases associated with aging will put a tremendous burden on our health-care system (along with the younger taxpayers who will have to foot the bill).

The table below lists just a few of the adverse health events that our older population is now experiencing…

Health events that increase with aging

Musculoskeletal Osteoporosis
Degenerative Disk Disease
Neurological Alzheimer’s Disease
Parkinson’s Disease
Memory loss
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
Tics and tremors
Respiratory Emphysema
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chronic bronchitis
Autoimmune diseases
Cardiovascular Stroke
Heart attack
Sensory Hearing loss
Cataracts and other visual impairments

Lung cancer
Breast cancer
Prostate cancer
Most other cancers
“Quality of Life” Events

Skin wrinkling, brittleness, discoloration
Hair loss
Erectile dysfunction
Loss of mobility, independence

These aging-dependent chronic diseases and conditions are now the most common forms of illness in the United States. Heart disease and stroke alone account for almost 40% of all deaths.

Consider this chart…


Altogether, the groups of degenerative diseases we link to “aging” are directly responsible for the deaths for roughly 75% of all deaths in the United States.

What’s more, the list of diseases above has contributed to a quadrupling of health care expenditures per person in the U.S., rising from $1,067 in 1980 to $4,358 in 1999.

By 2010, those expenditures are expected to double again. Total national health expenditures are projected to equal $2.6 trillion and reach 15.9 percent of the Gross Domestic Product by 2010, up from 13 percent in 1999.


It’s pure demographics. You see, the burgeoning number of “baby boomers” in our society will begin to turn 65 in 2011. And by 2030, the proportion of the population 65 or older will be one in five – or 70 million U.S. citizens.

In the United States, the population 80 and older is currently 9.2 million (3.35 percent of the U.S. population). This age segment is projected to grow to 14.9 million (4.4 percent of population) by the year 2025 and to 31.6 million (7.82 percent of population) by the year 2050.

In other industrialized countries around the world, the percentage of the population age 65 or older is even higher than in the U.S. The percentage of population over 65 in the United Kingdom, Italy and Japan is 24%, 44% and 34% higher than in the United States, respectively.

This is truly a growing problem, worldwide. And it cries out for a solution.

Fortunately, timing is on our side – because science MAY NOW HAVE solutions to some of the age-related diseases listed above.

Happily, the catastrophic effects of such a huge percentage of our population getting old and getting sick all at the same time can now be virtually eliminated – IF the science of anti-aging proceeds on the “fast track” and quickly develops the treatments and “cures” to life-threatening (and life-shortening) diseases we now passively accept.

And that’s what we at the Maximum Life Foundation are all about: Helping to get anti-aging science into the mainstream before it’s too late for you.

Whether you’re young or old, herein lays one of the major investment opportunities of the 21st century.

ANTI-AGING MEDICINE: An Emerging Solution

Think about it…

If the illnesses and deaths we’ve been talking about were preventable, shouldn’t we stop them if we can?

Let me put it another way: If a loved one (or yourself) had a major medical condition such as cancer, heart disease or suffered a stroke., wouldn’t you ask that they (or you) receive the very best medical care for those conditions?

If there was a treatment that could reverse Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, osteoporosis, arteriosclerosis or diabetes… who in their right mind would turn it down?

What ties all these diseases together is the underlying processes of “aging.”

But now, science is gradually coming to the realization that aging itself could be classified as a disease. Why? Because it’s not necessarily “normal” or “inevitable” for the body’s vital organs to stop functioning properly. Scientists now know that our cells could live and grow in the same healthy manner as when we were in our 20’s!

Am I just blowing smoke?


Here’s the hard-core evidence that gives everyone involved in anti-aging science so much cause for optimism

How the EXPLOSION of Scientific Progress
Is Revolutionizing Our Lives

To properly understand what I’m about to share with you, you need to know that the pace of scientific advancements today far outstrips what you and I have been accustomed to during our lifetime.

Whereas science used to proceed at a snail’s pace, that’s not the case anymore. Now it’s approaching the speed of light!

It’s all because several sciences and technologies are finally coming together and working synergistically on the problems that face mankind.

For instance, medical researchers are now able to use supercomputers to speed up experiments that used to take years. The key? They’re using a new technology known as “bioinformatics.”

Bioinformatics is a computer-assisted data management discipline that assists in accumulating, analyzing and representing biological processes. Emerging in the 1990s, this field is accelerating the drug discovery and development process through in vitro (in test tubes) and in vivo (in animals or humans) testing processes. Now they’re adding in silico (computer simulations) to turbo charge anti-aging science.

The major task of bioinformatics is utilizing the power of supercomputers to convert the complexity of the genetic codes of the human genome into useful information and knowledge that can be harnessed to understand the aging process and its attendant diseases.

The result? Faster and faster progress in the anti-aging sciences

It’s not a surprise. In the modern era, our knowledge has been advancing by quantum leaps compared to most of human history. For instance, scientific knowledge doubled from the year 1 A.D. to 1500 A.D. But by 1967, it doubled five more times... and each time, faster than before.

And several experts estimate that today, biotech knowledge doubles about every 48 months. Some computer scientists project that by 2010, scientific knowledge in general will double every 100 days!

Part of the reason? As I said, supercomputers, like the kind now being used in bioinformatics. These computers can do experiments in 15 seconds that used to take years. It’s no wonder we’re gaining on the aging problem so fast!

Here’s another anti-aging advance: Newly developed research tools called “gene chips” can do tissue studies in hours – or even minutes – that used to take years of animal studies. These gene chips are actually “laboratories on a chip.” They’re simply amazing.

But perhaps the most profound observation is the rate of change itself is accelerating.  This means the past is not a reliable guide to the future.  The 20th century was not 100 years of progress at today’s rate but, rather, was equivalent to about 20 years, because we’ve been speeding up to current rates of change. And, we’ll make another 20 years of progress at the year 2000 rate, equivalent to that of the entire 20th century, by 2014. Then we’ll do it again by 2021.

Because of this exponential growth, the 21st century will equal 20,000 years of progress at today’s rate of progress – 1,000 times greater than what we witnessed in the 20th century, which in itself was no slouch for change.

And you’re probably aware that the power of technology per dollar doubles every 12 months. This means our tools could be 1,000 times more powerful in just 10 years and a billion times more powerful by 2035.

On top of that, scientists just launched an emerging discipline known as “nanomedicine” that will revolutionize cell repair.

In a nutshell, nanomedicine, the medical application of nanotechnology, could eventually build or repair almost every cell in the body, from the bottom up, atom-by-atom. It promises to give us complete control of matter and a very efficient way to cure aging damage, injuries and diseases.

More Anti-Aging Breakthroughs

         For your information, here are some of the anti-aging and life-extension breakthroughs that took place just in the last few years…

  1. In 2003,Celera and the public Human Genome Project categorized the human genetic code. We finally have the blueprints for a human being.

    That means someday, we could completely understand how the human body works at the most basic level. This will greatly speed up the time it takes to develop new treatments for all diseases.

  3. Leonard Guarente and his team at MIT were able to find the genetic pathway involved in controlling aging by caloric restriction in yeast.

    By understanding how eating less calories works to extend life in something like yeast, scientists can use this information to figure out the same pathway in humans. Then, we could develop drugs to do the same thing. In fact, Dr. Guarente co-founded Elixir Pharmaceuticals to do just that, and now, several caloric restriction “mimetics” have been discovered. 

  5. Simon Melov and fellow researchers at the Buck Institute extended the life of a worm by 44% by feeding it powerful but safe new drugs.

    This is the first time drugs dramatically extended the lifespan of a complex form of life. This could perhaps result in a pill that would greatly extend your lifespan and your “healthspan.”

  7. Stephen Helfand and his team at the University of Connecticut Health Center in Farmington isolated a gene called “I’m Not Dead Yet.” Using it, he bred a line of fruit flies that live twice as long as regular fruit flies.

    Once again, turning the right genes on or off can extend lifespan.

  9. Aubrey de Grey at Cambridge University feels that with the right level of funding, we could see real age-retarding therapies (that at least double the current average healthy lifespan) within the next 20 years. Dr. de Grey published a “Scientific Roadmap” to reverse aging in an aged mouse in less than 10 years. The human map won’t be far behind.

  11. Stem Cells. All our organs come equipped with spare parts called “stem cells.” Their job is to make replacement parts for specialized organs like hearts, eyes, skin, etc. Many stem cell breakthroughs occurred recently, including:
    • Diabetic mice were cured of insulin deficiency.
    • A WORLD-FIRST breakthrough promises a cure for lung diseases that kill millions. Melbourne scientists at the prestigious National Stem Cell Centre have turned stem cells into lung cells. The revolutionary development is a step towards coaxing damaged lungs to repair themselves. The technique could yield cures for cystic fibrosis, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and, eventually, lung cancer.
    • New liver cells were grown in mice.
    • Neurons for very specific areas of the brain were grown from stem cells.
    • A 16-year old Michigan boy received a pioneering stem-cell transplant. He was accidentally shot in the heart with a nail gun, and after surgeons removed the nail, he had a heart attack that destroyed nearly a third of his heart's muscle cells. He would have needed either a new heart transplant or an experimental bone-marrow stem-cell transplant directly into the damage heart. The latter was tried and seems to have worked!
    • In Tokyo, Professor Asashima grew whole frog eyes from stem cells, implanted them, and the frogs were able to see.
    • Stem cells can help cardiac tissue to repair itself weeks after a heart attack, new Cleveland Clinic research shows. The study identified the first stem cell "homing factor" for cardiac muscle tissue, which allows stem cells to "home" to an area of tissue damage.
    • Mike May had his sight restored and his injured eye regrown by stem cell therapy after 43 years of blindness.


    Stem cell research could eventually lead to a
    cell-by-cell replacement of the human body,
    substituting old cells with new young cells.

  12. Martin Holzenberger and his team in Paris made mice live 33% longer than normal, with no obvious side effects. They removed a gene involved in sensing nutrients.

    With good gene therapy techniques, the same type of thing might add about 30 years to our lives. That’s not an exaggeration.

  14. The first “Methuselah Mouse Prize” was awarded to Andrzej Bartke for his treated mouse that lived almost five years – equivalent to 180 years for a human.  The second was won by Stephen Spindler.

  16. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have been looking for what they call the Holy Grail of aging research: molecules that activate the enzymes that in turn influence the genes that regulate aging. Now, they say, they have found those molecules. One of the molecules, a compound known as resveratrol, was shown in a study to extend the life span of yeast cells by up to 80 percent. Similar trials were performed on mice.
  17. Resveratrol is now available as a supplement for human consumption.

  18. Tweaking genes in roundworms (a good model for basic human physiology) multiplied their life spans by 600%. This equates to 500-year human life spans.


There’s more.

Recently, a group at the University of Wisconsin developed a technique to locate many genes that are involved in the aging process in mice. This may soon allow us to control the aging process itself.

At Sierra Sciences, a biotechnology company, researchers have been working on shutting off the cellular aging clock, the telomere.

There are far too many examples to list them all.

What does all this research mean?

Very simply this: With today’s astonishing pace of scientific progress, we’ll most likely develop technologies in the next 5 to 10 years in the lab that could eventually slow aging to a crawl.

Maybe halt it.

Maybe even reverse it by 2029.

And even before these technologies are translated to humans, they will be worth BILLIONS.

Where the Money Will Be Made in Life Extension Technology

Aside from the sheer humanitarian benefits of anti-aging science and the promise of a disease-free, healthy and happy society, there’s also a lot of money to be made in this sector for those who are savvy enough to see the trend and invest early.

What’s more, investing in this exciting new science of anti-aging will benefit YOU directly! You’ll be helping to fund the very research that will produce the products, medicines, treatments and therapies that YOU will one day use to stay healthier and more productive for many years longer than you now “expect” to live.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Consider this…

As an investor, you know if you compound your investments at a realistic rate of 10% a year, you’ll double your money in 7.2 years.

So let’s take that a step further: What if we can add 15 years to your lifespan?

Very simply, you’ll quadruple your net worth in                 those “extra” fifteen years of your life!

And… because of the health-enhancing nature of anti-aging science, those will be 15 QUALITY years. Not 15 years of “hanging on” like people do now.

No. You’ll be healthy, active, vibrant, clear-headed, independent and getting the most out of every day.

Not only that, but you’ll be enjoying the fruits of the investment decisions you make today. Life-extension and anti-aging investments could have potentially explosive returns, as we’ll see in a moment.

So you’ll be much richer AND much healthier – at a time in life when people are now expected to be put out to pasture!

Let’s take a quick look at how profitable your investment in anti-aging research can one day be…

How Much Money Will Be Made In Life Extension Technologies?

To understand the potential size and scope of this market, you need to know how big the “conventional” health care market is already.

As indicated earlier, health care expenditures per person in the U.S. now exceed $7,500 per person per year – making health care a $2.3 TRILLION per year industry today.

(It’s the largest industry in America, I might add).

That comes out to $100 billion every 16 days!  

Sales of medical products alone are projected to rise from $147.1 billion in 1999 to $448.5 billion in 2010. That’s an enormous jump – and it includes an increase in pharmaceuticals from $99.6 billion to $366.0 billion.

 Now combine that with the astonishing advances in anti-aging research we’ve seen already, and answer this question…

Where do you think people will be spending their money once these new discoveries are ready for the public?

According to health care industry analysts, it’s safe to assume the market for anti-aging and healthspan products and services will soon exceed $250 billion – and even that is expected to grow at accelerating annual rates.

What’s more, According to the American Council on Collaborative Medicine

The anti-aging industry will be more than ONE TRILLION DOLLARS                   in 2010 when you include all life extension therapies and products!!!

In other words, it’s time to plan your investing strategy!

Your investment in anti-aging research now can mean only one thing: You’ll make a fortune if you own stock in the right companies – companies with cutting-edge technology and the ability to bring their products to market the fastest.

And, once again, that’s what the Maximum Life Foundation is all about: Helping to get anti-aging products and therapies into production as soon as humanly possible.
Your Opportunity to Change the Future

I’ve mentioned the Maximum Life Foundation a few times now, but I haven’t adequately explained it to you.

So let me tell you exactly what we’re all about, and why I’d like you to join our efforts to change the future for everyone.

Our mission is to Maximize investors’ returns… while Minimizing risk and to Maximize health and longevity… in Minimum time.

We do this by making the public aware of the incredible potential in this emerging industry.

Why do we do this?

The answer is simple. The more and the earlier people invest in this sector, the sooner we expect extreme life extension therapies to be developed… and the sooner you and we can take advantage of them.

After all, how would you like to be faced with the prospect of being part of the last generation to suffer, deteriorate and die from aging when you could be part of the first generation to enjoy open-ended youthful lifespans?  

The destructive process responsible for human aging – known by its technical name, “SENESCENCE” – is a primary cause of heart disease, cancer, stroke, type II diabetes and Alzheimer's disease.

Maximum Life Foundation considers senescence our #1 enemy. Therefore, we have created a network of scientists, physicians, and biotechnology professionals who developed a strategic plan to defeat senescence.

And now we’re working on strategies to fund the science, profitably and safely.

Our “Manhattan” Project
This fast-track plan, known as “The Manhattan Beach Project,” will serve as a guide for making decisions on which experiments and technologies are critical to treating the diseases of aging and defeating senescence. (Its seeds were planted at a June 2000 international aging conference for scientists in Manhattan Beach, California, and the project was launched in January 2010. See

To execute this plan, Maximum Life Foundation supports both public and private research on the aging process, and we foster cooperation between academic and industry labs.

For instance, the field of “interventive gerontology” is just beginning to blossom, and Maximum Life Foundation will play a key role in supporting it.

The Foundation is also committed to aiding anti-aging researchers in commercializing their technologies so the advances in the lab can reach the public much sooner than would otherwise be the case.

Currently, researchers who want to create a new biotech company are faced with the daunting task of finding funding, management, and laboratory space, as well as dealing with the hundreds of tiny administrative details necessary to start a company. Maximum Life Foundation is creating services to eliminate these problems for researchers so they can focus on perfecting real life-extending technologies.

Maximum Life Foundation identifies new anti-aging companies and technologies and encourages the investing public to investigate this sector.

Most molecular and cell biologists feel that once we have a better understanding of the majority of our genes and the proteins they produce, controlling the aging process is inevitable. And understanding more about how aging works will shortcut finding cures for aging related diseases. The human body is a wonderfully complex machine. Deciphering the aging process is simply a matter of continuing to figure out how that machine works.

Therefore, the Foundation is exploring every possible avenue to speed up research on the disease processes associated with human aging. It is the hope of the members of the Foundation that the tremendous economic, social and emotional costs of human aging can be greatly reduced through this effort.

Where Do You Come In?

How often have you heard (or made) comments like: “Tell ‘them’ to hurry up with all this.”

Or “Why doesn’t someone do something about that?” Or “Let me know when I can buy an “aging cure.”

Well if something’s important enough to get done, then it’s our responsibility to do it. You are responsible for your own life. And now, for the first time, you have a chance to play a major role in your own personal longevity as well as for millions of others. 

What if you waited for someone else to do something about this “aging business”?

Let’s say, one year before a life extension breakthrough, one of the aging related diseases nabs you or a loved one? You or they suffer and die. But if you had only helped speed up the research by just one or two years, you would have been given a chance to live a longer and healthier life!

People just like you are dying every day – at a rate of 2.5 million deaths a year, in the United States alone. (Worldwide, the number is simply staggering – 55 million.) And over 70% of these deaths stem from aging!

If you don’t do something now to help combat senescence and the aging-related killer diseases, you and your family members will most likely suffer and die from one.

But if Maximum Life Foundation’s work helps speed up the discovery of new anti-aging cures, what would that mean to you?

Maybe a particular breakthrough will give you another 10 healthy, robust years. And if the next breakthrough comes about five years later, who knows? That one might give you another 20 good years!

Remember: Biotech knowledge is doubling approximately every two years now. Someday it will double in one year... and so on. And our tools are becoming increasingly more powerful… as much as 1,000 times more powerful in just the next ten years. This equates to incrementally more progress every year. Therefore, adding one extra year to your life now positions you to enjoy lots of extra years! Your chance for many more years of quality, healthy living suddenly jumps from 0% to something far greater!
And because of the uniqueness of our plan, many individuals have the power to step-up progress by a full year... or more - and as a financial bonus, profit handsomely from their efforts!

Doesn’t that sound like something worth working toward?

Plus… you might not have to wait for that first breakthrough. According to life insurance industry data, right now, with today’s knowledge, you can (depending on your age) add up to 5, 10, or even 20 more years to your expected life span by following some pretty simple steps.

If you’re doing everything right now, you’re the rare exception. If not, when you join with us, we’ll show you exactly what to do – today – that could keep you healthy and active until our first new breakthrough.

You Can Make a Difference
And Profit at the Same Time

Here at Maximum Life Foundation, we invite you to join our mission – because it’s your mission, too.

If you love life, you can’t get too much of it. Investing time in life-extension pursuits now gives you the greatest possible return tomorrow... more time! Investing money in well-chosen opportunities gives you potentially huge profits to enjoy with your extra time. Better yet, putting your resources to work could let you grow wealthy and live a long healthy life without worrying about above normal investment risk.

Together, our mutual efforts will accelerate the days when we can consistently slow, stop... and possibly even reverse the human aging process.

How Funding Would Speed Up Research

The scientists and researchers in our network have all told us one thing very clearly: They spend only about 20% of their most valuable productive time in the lab.The balance, or about 80%, is spent writing grant proposals and business plans, teaching, performing administrative duties, and other distracting activities.

Furthermore, it’s rare for most anti-aging scientists to intermingle and cross-pollinate ideas with scientists in the same industry, but in other disciplines. When we made this happen at our first scientific aging conference, creative sparks flew… projected timelines were reduced by as much as 40%... and projected budgets were slashed by as much as 30%.

So as you can see, Maximum Life Foundation serves as a catalyst for helping anti-aging scientists and encourage the funding necessary so they can spend most of their time in the lab, but we’ll also provide management and business development expertise and bring them together so they can “compare notes” and synergistically work together to accelerate the crucial discoveries we’re after.

A big part of our motivation is we know we will die according to schedule unless we do something to extend our biological clocks.

In other words, our lives are at stake – just like yours is. Thus, we’re highly motivated to get the job done – fast! In fact, we’ve committed our lives to the project.

But We Need Your Help

And specifically, we need money to use for research and to grow the most promising companies.

That’s why we’re putting out the call now to you and any of your associates who may want to stake their claim in the wildly profitable science-based anti-aging market that’s right around the corner.

Historically financial support for research into the biological mechanisms of aging and efforts to extend the healthy lifespan has been spotty. Governments aren’t providing much funding support. Pharmaceutical and biotech companies’ support of basic aging research is hindered due to the fact that there are no generally accepted biomarkers for aging that would allow the FDA to approve a drug designed to slow the aging process. These companies are forced to develop drugs for specific diseases. And the FDA doesn’t recognize aging as a disease.

Congress supplemented scarce aging research dollars by establishing the National Institute on Aging in 1974, but that money has predominately gone to disease specific research, such as Alzheimer's disease, or towards the behavioral aspects of aging.

Venture capital firms typically aim for profitable exits from their investments within 2-4 years. The research and product development we support typically takes longer to mature.
These are the reasons very little funding has gone into life extending technologies. That’s why we need a creative targeted private funding approach to speed up progress. It also gives us a head start to big profits in this emerging trillion dollar industry.

With a multiplier effect – support from enough interested people like you – we can raise the money to put our anti-aging project into high gear. Scientists tell us they can start making an impact with only a few million more dollars per year.

We know exactly what it takes to give you the opportunity for a longer and healthier life as well as to enrich your portfolio. We built the engine. All we need is your help to supply the fuel.

If you’re interested, all you have to do is contact us, and we’ll give you all the information you want or need to take this to the next level.
Regulatory restrictions prevent us from going into detail about the aspects of any offer here. But an independent qualified agent will provide full details to you as soon as you contact us.

In the meantime, I want to leave you with this thought…
Why be part of the last generation to waste away and die “on time”...
when we can be the first generation to control our destinies?
Maximum Life Foundation’s officers and organizers currently invest 60 to 70 hours a week on this job. By succeeding before our time is up, we see a possibility of someday again enjoying many of the strengths of the supple bodies and minds we took for granted in our youth.

Failure means premature death. Winning this contest grants life, health and wealth. Lots more for you and your loved ones.

We will win.

And we’d love to have you share in the legacy of making this happen.

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